content marketing

Content Marketing

Build value. Build trust. Build an audience. All for the long term.

Content marketing is the future of marketing. By publishing high quality, high value web content, it appeals to both website visitors and search engines. Content marketing is so much more than just pushing out a few blogs and sharing them on your social media profiles. It takes a lot more work to run a successful content marketing campaign.

At MDL, our goal is to focus on three parts of content marketing:

Traffic Generation

We start off each campaign with the focus of generating traffic into our client’s site using infographics, blog posts, and other content types that’s suitable for your business.

Audience Engagement

We take the data generated from step 1, and see which topics and methods that your audience responds to best. By fine tuning this process, the future content releases will cater to the retained audience who will keep coming back to the site once the campaign is finished.

Conversions and Revenue

With an audience established, the final step to MDL’s content marketing campaigns revolves around maximizing conversions of the readers. Using various digital marketing and copy techniques, your investment into a content marketing campaign will be transformed into revnue and profits for your buisness.

What We Offer:

  • Detailed site content analysis
  • Competitive content gap research
  • Infographic Development
  • Ghostwritten blog content
  • Internal link development
  • Social Media promotion
  • Ongoing blog management
  • Regular telecom and email reporting