Who is Felix Yim ?

I help traditional businesses market themselves on social media.


You know what I mean…

They see Youtube only as a platform for their kids to watch prank videos. They see Instagram is a waste of time. The most common one I hear is “I only have a Facebook account because EVERYONE ELSE has it.” And if you’ve tried using it, but didn’t hold on, you’ve might of come to the conclusion that “social media isn’t for me”.

However, that’s probably not what you read on the news. You’ve probably them say things like ‘social media is THE FUTURE’. Now, of course I agree with that. BUT, it’s only true if you do it properly.

Let’s say I owned a jewellery store. I’ve been in businesses for 10 years. My customers all come from word of mouth. I know the quality of my rings are WAY better then those from the jeweller across the street but somehow, they’re PACKED every weekend with young women choosing their dream ring (and their fiances waiting impatiently besides them). They somehow are able to use Facebook and Instagram to get all that attention.

So, of course, why can I do the same? I take out my BEST looking 5 carat Round Brilliant ring out and take a picture with my iPhone 7 that my daughter recently bought me. I post it on Instagram. I even use #weddingrings. How trendy. Now all I need to do is wait for the money  women to come to my store instead.

The post even gets over 50 likes !

I’m going to get so many customers…

50 Likes = 50 Girls = 50 Rings Sold = New Mercedes for my wife

It’s Saturday morning. I stand at the counter ready to collect that money serve those women. But once again, the store across is getting ALL the customers. WHYYYYYY

Now this is a story that I’ve come across too often. Of course, exaggerated to put a smile on your face, but basically that’s all I hear when I talk to business owners. From jewellers to people selling multi-million dollar homes, social media has always been something seen as a waste of time.

I’m here to work with you and your team to develop a PROPER social media strategy. You Instagram should be bringing you customers every week, serving as a magazine that you can promote ALL your products on.

Working together, you’ll have the best of both worlds. A solid social media marketing strategy to grow your brand coupled with the time focus on your core business.

If you are ready to take your business online, let’s get in touch, my email is felix@mydiamondlogic.com.